2,133 Shots, One Legend

2,133 Shots, One Legend

More than 50,000 shots were given In Phase One of the Consonus Pharmacy Road to Recovery vaccination campaign—and no one administered more of them than our latest Legend, Laura Foster.

Laura is Corporate Director of Wellness at Village Concepts Retirement Communities, a Consonus Pharmacy customer. While she may not be a Consonus employee on paper, she worked tirelessly alongside the pharmacy team, and was integral to the successful effort.

This is one of the highest honors our company gives. Beth Biggs, Vice President of Client Care

With 2,133 vaccinations personally administered, Laura was the top vaccinator of anyone in all the states Consonus serves. Her contribution was monumental, and her nomination celebrates the team effort that was required of pharmacy staff and facility partners.

With COVID-19 restrictions still in effect when Laura received her award, naturally the surprise ceremony happened on Zoom. “We’re so thankful and proud of you, and we want to thank you for everything you’ve done,” said Teri Ferreira, Vice President of Operations for Consonus’ Western Region.

“It was the least we could do,” added Beth Biggs, Vice President of Client Care. “This is one of the highest honors our company gives.”

“Not that I recommend having a pandemic every year,” said Laura, still a bit overwhelmed by the honor, “but I’ve loved working with each of you to help our communities and residents.”