Introducing AgeSAFE by Consonus Pharmacy

Introducing AgeSAFE by Consonus Pharmacy

Introducing AgeSAFE by Consonus PharmacyA medication management program for patients during the 30-day transition from short stay rehab back to home.

We understand that going home after a post-acute care stay can be a challenging time for patients and their families. With a laundry-list of new medications to start, stop, or change, it can become overwhelming in a hurry. These are the moments when patients are at significant risk, with 66% of unplanned ER visits and rehospitalizations being attributed to medication mismanagement. This started the inception of AgeSAFE by Consonus Pharmacy.

Why did we create the AgeSAFE program?

Any new program we rollout at Marquis and Consonus is backed by the mission to help our residents live the best, rest of their lives. That’s why AgeSAFE by Consonus Pharmacy was created, to support the unique care needs of our residents, provide a seamless transition, maintain safety, and increase quality of life.

The first 30 days of a resident’s transition home are important to staying well at home. We fill and deliver a 30-day supply of your medicines to the facility, so they have everything they need to care for themselves when they return home.

What are the AgeSAFE benefits?

  • Ease of transition for patients and caregivers by eliminating the need to pick up medications after discharge
  • Medication review and reconciliation performed by geriatric-trained pharmacists
  • One month supply of prescription and OTC medications billed, packaged, and delivered to patients prior to discharge
  • Discharge counseling and up to date medication list provided by a pharmacist, focusing on taking dispensed medications
  • Phone call with patient after discharge to ensure adherence and follow-up appointment with primary care

How does it work?

Once a discharge date has been established, the facility coordinates with Consonus Pharmacy for discharge medications. Pharmacy completes medication reconciliation, works with providers to make medication changes, fills prescriptions and OTCs, and delivers to patients prior to departure from facility. Geriatric-trained pharmacists provide medication counseling prior to discharge and pharmacy staff follow up within 7-14 days after discharge.

What happens after 30 days?

Our goal is to reduce medication mismanagement and rehospitalization through successful transitions. Since this is a support service during the first 30-days, patients will need to resume prescription coverage through local pharmacies. Patients are encouraged to see their primary care provider and bring their medications and medication list to assist with ongoing care.

Where is AgeSAFE being offered?

This program is currently being piloted at Marquis Tualatin and Marquis Vermont Hills as we test and trial the operations before rolling out to a larger customer base. Stay tuned for more information!