Mr. Fogg Goes to Washington

Mr. Fogg Goes to Washington

Shooting for the Stars: An Interview with Phil Fogg Jr., on How the New Leader of the American Health Care Association is Fighting to Rescue the Senior Healthcare Industry

Cue the sci-fi music. Lock the hatch door.

We’re launching to a parallel universe where a global pandemic has just struck. The virus is called COVID. The planet is called Perfect World. And the way the virus is playing out there, versus here, is as different as two test results — one positive, one negative.

On Perfect World…

    • They have advanced warning. Instead of being caught off guard, they have systems in place to see, understand and act fast.
    • They have a centralized plan. Governments and health care communities have already worked together to create a smart, robust emergency plan. A centralized, federal command center is seamlessly integrating and coordinating with every state and county.
    • There’s plenty of PPE. Hospitals and senior care communities are dispensing PPE from their 90 day emergency stockpiles.
    • There’s little-to-no confusion, fear — or politicizing. A pre-arranged, crisis communications plan is educating and reassuring people. When experts don’t yet know the answer, they admit it.
    • Data is being collected, retrieved and analyzed fast. Experts have a real time window into what’s working, what’s not working, what’s ahead, and then making decisions accordingly.
    • Seniors are safe and connecting to their loved ones. Family and friends are following the core principles from CMS/CDC during visitations and connections. When needed, they visit virtually, using advanced technologies that are fun and easy to operate.

<li”>There are plenty of caregivers, including nurses. Years ago, government, academia and the healthcare industry invested in creating a clear path to a well-paying, deeply rewarding and competitive career.

The Results? Lives saved, businesses survive, people work, children are schooled.

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