Selfless in a Storm

Selfless in a Storm

When a severe snowstorm swept through the Portland area on February 22, 2023, Steve Tlockowski, dietary manager at Marquis Piedmont, swiftly sprang into action, picking up marooned staff and driving them to work in the morning. But that’s not why he’s a Legend.

By the time he headed for home at the end of the day, the weather had deteriorated even further. Though driving a four-wheel drive vehicle, he was stuck for six hours on a local bridge before opting to go back to the facility. What he found when he returned was a group of very hungry staff, many of whom were opting to sleep at the facility in order to continue providing care for the residents. Steve immediately set to work preparing a late-night meal for them, but even that isn’t the entire reason for his award.

About 11 p.m., with the storm outside still raging, the facility received an urgent phone call from an assisted living resident who was stranded on a city bus that had been abandoned in the snow. Without hesitation, Steve volunteered to venture back out into the ice and snow, and with the help of another staff member, brought the resident back to safety.

“You took the time to be there for your coworkers, and went out of your way for a resident who needed help,” said Zach Fogg, vice president of operations for Marquis, in presenting the Legend award at a facility all-staff. “Thank you for everything you did in that defining moment.”

“I didn’t even think about it,” answered Steve, when asked about his motivation to go above and beyond. “We’re here for the residents, and to keep them safe. It’s just what we do.”