Take Them Out to the Ballgame

Take Them Out to the Ballgame

It’s not like Joel Camp didn’t have other important things to do. As the Consonus rehab director at Stafford Healthcare in Port Orchard, Washington, he already had plenty of urgent responsibilities vying for his constant attention.

But he had an idea—to take ten pandemic-weary facility residents to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game. He spearheaded fundraising efforts. He inspired his rehab team and other staff to help. He made the whole thing happen, even investing personal time, then turned it into a yearly tradition.

And the joy he brought with his above-and-beyond efforts earned him not only widespread admiration and respect, but a well-deserved Consonus Legend award.

For Joel, the best part was getting on the bus with the residents on the day of the event.

You could see how excited they were, like little kids on a field trip. They were so engaged and having fun. Many of them hadn’t been to a game in years.”

“The residents just loved getting out into the community for the first time in a long time, said therapist Melinda Bortolazzo, herself a former Legend award winner. “It brought so much happiness to their lives.”

“A year later, they’re still talking about it, and asking when they can go again,” added Hana Singer, another therapist and former Legend.

Not only did the outing bring a spark to those they serve, but it enhanced the sense of camaraderie and connection between the rehab team and other staff. “You can see Joel loves his job, and he’s a real positive presence in this facility,” said Denise Arthur, director of nursing.

“Joel is an example of how incredibly caring our therapists are, and their unselfish commitment to their coworkers and residents,” said John Pauley, Northwest regional vice-president for Consonus, speaking at the surprise presentation of the Legend award. “He exemplifies our culture.”