Be Here. Be You.

Be Here. Be You.
Be Here. Be You.
Be Here. Be You.

Over the past two years, our world has dealt with a global pandemic, devastating wildfires, a racial reckoning, political upheaval and economic instability. When this confluence of challenges came together in a crashing wave, our incredible employees—you—rose to face the challenge. You have done the unthinkable, and the nearly impossible—taking care of our nation’s most vulnerable people.

This was the backdrop against which  diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) rose to the forefront of our nation’s attention in mid-2020. We were literally facing daily life-and-death decisions forced upon us by COVID-19, and while we recognized the importance of DEI, our focus had to remain fully on doing whatever was necessary to protect our employees and residents through the crisis. But now is the time for us to expand our focus beyond the pandemic and look toward brighter futures.

As you no doubt know, for more than 30 years, we have been serving seniors and welcoming staff of all backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. The Marquis family of companies offer a rich heritage of embracing differences and honoring individuality, and we’ve continued to grow in our appreciation of diversity in the workplace. We know it builds strength, drives innovation, and brings valuable new perspectives and energy. In this spirit, we have formed a “DEI Steering Committee” which will strive to serve as a sounding board for our employees, and which will work to design and deploy meaningful initiatives that can educate and celebrate the individuals that make up our collective Marquis and Consonus family.

In the coming months, you can expect to receive an all-employee survey focused on gathering our employee demographics and getting a pulse on what is important to YOU when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Upon gathering your feedback, we will identify our 2022-2023 DEI priorities. We’re committed to making our workforce an even greater reflection of the people and communities we serve, and we are honored our employees have chosen to work at Marquis and Consonus.

Everything we do as a company is driven by our mission to help those we serve, and each other, live the best rest of our lives. That means you being you–without apology or compromise. We value your every uniqueness and will continue to curate, nurture, and sustain an inclusive culture. It’s the foundation of who we are and the evolution of our collective future.

DEI Steering Committee

Daniel Canchola, Area Director, Consonus Rehab
Hillary Cornelius, Director Therapy, AgeRight at Home
Joscelyn Cook, Administrator, Marquis Tualatin
April Olson, Administrator, Marquis Mt. Tabor
Tedi Raducheva, Operations Manager, Consonus Pharmacy
Sheena Ram, Recruiter, Consonus Rehab and Consonus Pharmacy
Kelsey Whittaker, Marketing Manager, Marquis and Consonus
Meagan English, Vice President of Leadership Development, Marquis and Consonus