Changes to Consonus Leadership to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

Changes to Consonus Leadership to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

There is an exciting transition at our senior leadership level! Guy Cowart will be transitioning to a new position in Consonus Healthcare. He will be leaving his position as President of Rehab and transitioning to a role as Chief Customer Success Officer. In this role his primary focus will be to support customer success for both rehab and pharmacy. As many of you know, Guy has been turning over the leadership of rehab to Jonalyn Brown as he prepares for retirement. Before he officially retires from Consonus, we want to utilize his relationship building skills to enhance the partnership we have with our customers.

As our customers continue to navigate the many challenges of a post-covid environment, particularly in the areas of workforce and reimbursement, it became clear that they need trusted resources to meet these challenges. We know we are viewed as trusted advisors, but with all the changes in leadership we want to strengthen our ability to quickly form new relationships and even deeper connections with the clients we already have. In addition, we find ourselves in a market where our competitors are cutting services and costs at a time when the customers’ needs have never been greater. Are there other ways where we can differentiate ourselves and add value for our partners?

We think there’s an opportunity to focus time and resources on these relationships in a deeper way. This is where Guy comes in. With his experience, deep knowledge of our organization, and strong collaboration with each business line, Guy will be in his element! We will be working closely with the leaders of each business line to define how Guy’s role and other account management resources fit into the client retention plans as part of our overall strategic goals.

Jonalyn Brown will continue to lead the rehab team as the Vice President of Operations.

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