Good-er News is Back!

Remember Good-er News? Last June, we hosted a light-hearted news program that looked for the positive side of the challenges we were facing as we navigated a global pandemic. The times were dark and people wanted an opportunity to smile and laugh. We needed more than good news. We needed Good-er News.

The past year or ten or however long we’ve been fighting this pandemic has been very challenging for everyone, but especially for our staff, who were and are truly heroes. Nobody is more deserving of gratitude than our CNAs, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and every other role, who sacrificed so much and never gave up. As we come out of this pandemic and get back on the road to recovery, we’ll still be looking not only for the good news that’s out there, but the even Good-er News.

That’s why Good-er News is back!! Watch the video to see the return of the comedic newscast and make sure you follow Marquis social channels to see future episodes coming soon!